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Jalal Jalal Shokouhi M.D.
President of Iranian Society of Radiology

Our radiology in the second decade of the third millennium
Despite all the intensive effects of friends and colleagues in the medical society, specifically radiology and imaging and scientific advances of members of the society and the faculties of medical science's universities along with the activities of national, regional and international associations, we have encountered some deficiencies due to inflation within the borders, the increase of prices beyond them and the changes in foreign currencies compared to Rial with facing shortcomings in transferring payments for gaining credit and purchasing foreign goods, which necessarily calls for support from exclusive companies of medical equipments and governmental aid. Among many, the shortage of liquid helium has caused numerous problems for some of the MRI centers, which includes a rise in the prices and even complete deactivation of the machines.
Regarding regional cooperation, the talks and activities with the radiology societies of turkey and Iraq are becoming more solid.
We hope that we'll soon be able to cooperate with the radiology societies of Afghanistan and the republic of Azerbaijan.
On international scale, the cooperation with Europian society of radiology continues, although the approval of the members remains unclear.
The presence of international figures, who come from the united states of America, Europe and other foreign countries, in our conferences indicates their trust towards us and their enthusiasm for teaching the young generation along with visiting Iran and Iranians.
Our virtual and electronic activities have greatly increased and even administrative automation of the society is currently stabilizing.Further more, the appointment of Dr. Mansour fatehi to the secretory general of the society provides us with a wider range of appurtunities and, although this change is inevitable, it has happened sooner than the expected date.
The president of the twenty-ninth annual congress has led several radiology sessions in Iran. Dr. Abdolrasul Sedaghat is a persistent manager who has great insight in finances and is completely capable of leading and promoting the annual congress.
The topics covered in the twenty-ninth congress include issues that are some of the main problems in our daily interaction with clinical medicine and are as follow: neuroradiology, MSK, Head & Neck radiology, interventional radiology and women's imaging. Another recent, wise and prospective conclusion in the election of the related secretaries to the above-mentioned sections has been youthful idealism. Moreover, the appointment of Dr. Hashem Sharifian, the head of the radiology department in Tehran medical university, to the presidency of the academic group increases the credibility of the twenty-ninth congress.
Currently, out most major issue is not of scientific nature, rather it is the financial aspect, which has caused a lot of difficulties for the management of radiology clinics due to lack of sufficiency and the absence of a reasonable price-list for radiology services, which will pose a greater danger, if neglected. I, hereby, wish success for the president, the academic professors and the members of the executive body.

Jalal JalalShokouhi M.D.
President of Iranian Society of Radiology