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Mansoor Fatehi M.D.
General Secretary of Iranian Society of Radiology

Iranian society of radiology is one of the most influential societies among medical professional associations in the country and for sure has out-standing role in the radiology of the region. For this reason, the annual meetings of the society are unique opportunities to exchange update knowledge, network nationally and internationally, look at high-end imaging technology and make national level decision as an organization. ICR is the most important event in radiology community of Iran.
This year the society has been managed under new administration mandating some changes which has been enforced additionally by economic and social barriers. But anyhow, in my opinion the highest priorities of the Iranian society of radiology are: empowering the central office of the society, raising transparency inside the organization, enriching communication channels within the society and encouraging members to participate in the activities as groups and committees. And all these priorities are among the goals and objectives of the new board of directors. We need helping hands to actualize these ambitions.
The president of this congress has added eight years of ISR presidency experience to his already gained invaluable social and management knowledge and skills to become a key resource person for the radiology profession in Iran and the region. Although he has stepped down from the presidency but being in congress president will let our society to enjoy his leadership for its most important annual event that will be continued in his position as the new director of Iranian school of radiology.
Running the congress under current social and economic circumstances is honestly a hard job with lots of stress and I am sure the congress is not the optimum as Dr. Sedaghat was planning to achieve but he has done a great job to keep the quality despite lot of shortcomings. Well done!
We all look forward to major changes in the field of radiology education to be wisely handled by Dr. Sedaghat after ICR2013 in ISOR. This will be the long-term activity of ISR leaders to maintain and enhance the qualifications of practicing radiologists.

Mansoor Fatehi, M.D, CIIP
General Secretary, Iranian Society of Radiology